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Spend management platform with smart cards

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Spenmo is smart spend management software designed for both finance teams and employees. Spenmo offers smart payment cards for employees enabling them to buy the things they need for work, all while keeping the companies in control of spending. With the help of breakthrough technology, Spenmo reduces the administrative complexity, eliminates expense reports and simplifies bookkeeping.

Designed for small-and-medium-sized businesses who are tired of wasting time with old-school expense management methods. Spenmo provides visibility and control over budgets and spending while it happens.

Within the Spenmo mobile app you are able to:
• Track your spending in real-time
• Snap, upload, and categorize receipts on the spot
• See your card balance
• Block and unblock your Spenmo card
• Request top-ups
• Get real-time notifications when you do a purchase with your Spenmo card • Automatically record, report, and submit expenses
• Live expense reporting

About Spenmo:

Spenmo is an out-of-the-box business spending solution that offers smart payment cards for employees.

Spenmo offers on-demand Prepaid MasterCard® connected to desktop and mobile apps for both employees and managers to track and manage all company expenses in real-time.

All purchases made with Spenmo cards appear instantly in the Spenmo app - here, managers can easily monitor the spending and stay on top of budgets. After each purchase, the user receives a live notification and the application then uses proprietary technology to capture the receipt and categorize the spend. Companies can now say goodbye to expense reports and pending reimbursements.

All the data captured can be fed directly into the customer’s accounting system, which significantly reduces the administrative complexities of the finance function.

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