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SplashMe brings swim meets conveniently to your mobile screen.

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SplashMe brings swim meets conveniently to your mobile Device. It provides you with real-time results, keeps you posted on meets, events, heats and lane assignments, and offers a lot more on top of that.

SplashMe will be able to support any event managed by Splash Meet Manager by simrankings.net, an application which is prevalent in European swim meets and meets in Quebec ; if in doubt, just ask the host of your next meet or look at upcoming events here:

The data is not complete or not up to date?
• All data (start lists and results) are provided by the respective event organizer. The organizer alone is responsible for the timing and frequency of updating all information.

What meets are shown for SplashMe?
• All meets apear only 20 days before the meet starts
• Meets with entries: Only until the day when the meet starts
• Incomplete meets: Only until the day when the meet ends
• Complete meets: Until 14 days after the meet

Some athletes have no star to mark them as favorite. Why?
• The organizer has to synchronize the meet with swimrankings.net. Only after that athletes can be used as favorites.
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