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Take on the squat, plank, and lunge 30 day challenge

squat, plank, lunge 30 day challenge!
Representative body workout 馃挭 Try the squat, plank, lunge 30 day challenge.

This app helps you to challenge squats, lunges, planks every day with an appropriate plan for 30 days. It is a program that starts with a simple number of squats at first and gradually increases the intensity. If you diligently workout squats, lunges, and planks for 30 days, you will find your abs and your stamina improved, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Just do a lower body workout at home with squats and lunges.
Lose belly fat and build abs with plank wherever you can lie down.

We're sure to help you ignite your motivation with an effective home training workout program.

馃敟 We will tell you about the effects of the workouts you perform in this app.

Squat workout effect
The squat is a typical leg workout that is effective in growing the buttocks muscles and increasing the basal metabolic rate, which helps to remove waste products and lose belly fat.
Squats are an workout that beginners can quickly see results. You can build leg muscles with simple movements from sitting to standing.
It's a good idea to do squats every day, even a little.
With squats, you can develop your core muscles, flexibility, and even your sense of balance, and improve your athletic performance to prevent injuries.

Lunge workout effect
The lunge is a posture that can give strong stimulation to the buttock muscles, increasing the elasticity of the buttocks, strengthening the back muscles and strengthening the core. And the characteristic of the lunge posture improves the sense of balance and helps with left-right symmetry.

Effect of Plank Workout
The plank strengthens the abs, maintains a straight line from head to toe, straightens the spine, and strengthens the core muscles. This is an exercise that can build abs and burn calories in a small space.

Be sure to complete the 30 day squat lunge plank challenge.
The combination of squats and lunges is workout for strengthening the lower body and core and increasing basal metabolic rate.
And planks strengthen your abs/core, including your spine, to boost your metabolism and help burn calories.
A combination of these three workout is sure to help with a full body workout.

Be careful not to get hurt :)
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