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Storyroom, a corner for your soft heart.

Storyroom is a romantic world where you can dive into thousands of attractive romantic stories. Are you a fan of webnovel? Billionaire CEOs? Bossy bad boys? You should really have a try now!

[Why Storyroom?]
馃憠Countless copyrighted original novels you can only enjoy on Storyroom
馃憠Multiple genres included, recommend the right one for you!
馃憠New stories updated on a daily basis
馃憠New free stories updated on a weekly basis
馃憠Super easy to read, all you need to do is to slide the screen
馃憠Enjoy reading even when you're offline

[Key Features]
馃憠Unique Typesetting: comparable to the layout of paper books
馃憠Screen Rotation: vertical and horizontal screen supported
馃憠Eye-protection Mode: reading without tiredness
馃憠Auto-Read: Auto-Read liberates your hands
馃憠Build Your Own Library: manage your books like drag-and-drop desktop icons
馃憠Check-in for gifts: earn reading tickets for the hottest stories

[Hot Stories]
鉂も潳鉂is Lost Lycan Luna
After the death of her parents at the hands of her Alpha, Ivy was taken in by a pack that didn't want her. Her fate was left undecided until 鈥宧er 18th birthday.
Ivy expected the worst, thinking that she would be killed. Little did she know that death was the easy way out when her sentence was handed down and Fate intervened...
鉂も潳鉂ou're Mine
The most popular boy at school, charismatic, gorgeous - and my brother's best friend. For years I never existed on his radar, but that changed the minute my best friend forced me out of my frumpy shell and into a string bikini.
鉂も潳鉂old as the Alpha King's Breeder
I am Rosalie, 20 years old, sold to the most terrifying alpha by my own father.
"You're nothing to me but a breeder." he said to me cruelly.
I had long known that my love for him was hopeless and foolish. However, I was na茂ve to think that was the end of the story.
Once the baby is born, I will be put to death.

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