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Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Easy, hard and impossible puzzles.

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Solve Thousands Of Free Sudoku Puzzles! Get Razor-Sharp Brain Power! Highly Addictive! Download Free Sudoku App Now!

Will You Solve Our 5000+ Free Sudoku Puzzles?

Train your brain with daily 9x9 Sudoku grid endless challenges and unlimited fun! Much more than a time killer, classic Sudoku puzzles can boost your cognitive brain power. Not to forget the optimistic and happy yellow theme color to brighten up your day.

Take a break from work and relax your mind with the best brain game for adults. Sudoku can activate the untapped parts of your brain in pleasant and fun ways! Play free sudoku game to stimulate your brainpower, logical thinking, and memory.

Best free Sudoku app for beginners and advanced players. With over 5000+ different Sudoku puzzle challenges, three difficulty levels: sudoku easy, sudoku medium, sudoku hard, and daily sudoku puzzles, work out your brain for optimum performance at a job too.

Not a time-killer but a brain-booster, this Sudoku 9x9 is a classic game that’d revive your childhood memories of solving these brain-teasing puzzles. Download super sudoku on android or iPhone and play it wherever you are and whenever you want. With notes functionality, this free sudoku is as good as traditional paper and pencil game.


● Unlimited Sudoku puzzles every day

● Over 5000+ Sudoku puzzles to solve

● Complete daily Sudoku challenges to boost brain adrenaline

● 3 Difficulty Levels: easy, medium, and hard for Sudoku bigger and advanced players

● Challenge your brain by solving Sudoku fast and with lesser mistakes

● Use Notes to keep track of your progress

No duplicate highlighting functionality to make it more challenging for you

Multiple hints to help you earn the points when you are clueless

Unlimited Undo options

Timer display to keep track of each game

Top Features:

Track Your Progress: No matter what difficulty level you choose, challenges are always there. Challenge yourself based on your best time.

Motivating Statistics: An accurate auto-calculation of average time, average score, games started, games won, and win rate to motivate you to improve your scores.

Eraser: Life may not give you second chances, but Sudoku does! Erase it and start over!

Daily Challenges: Complete daily challenges to feel rejuvenated and stimulated for work. No cocaine or wine, but an instant adrenaline rush.

Highly Satisfying Game: Enjoy Sudoku brain teaser 9x9 puzzles and every time you’ll solve it, you’d feel satisfied and relaxed.

Win Trophies: By the end of each month, you are rewarded with a trophy for your entire month’s effort. Unlock all of them!

Other Major Features:

●Auto-save when game is paused or left in the middle

● Play Sudoku online or Sudoku offline

● Easy navigation

● Play and Pause

● Attractive yellow theme

● Intuitive interface

● Landscape and Portrait mode enabled

Daily Sudoku puzzles are the best way to start and end your day! Keeps your brain charged up and productive at work.

If you are an expert Sudoku player, we invite you to our Sudoku arena! Dare to solve these 1000+ Sudoku puzzles?

Super-Fun, Engaging, And Challenging Puzzle Game For Everyone Out There! Will You Accept the Challenge?
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