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Give your customers an easy, contactless and most importantly ACCURATE video survey experience with Shyft Moving Video Estimation Technology. Every estimate takes 30 minutes or less depending on the size of the move and allows moving companies to create accurate inventories and prices for customers.

Our proprietary video estimation technology captures your customers’ belongings, and they can add or update any additional or forgotten items after the fact. It’s all moving companies need for the fastest and most accurate video survey.

The reason Shyft Moving works so seamlessly? Shyft was built for movers by movers.

How Shyft Moving video surveys work?
- Share the pre-survey details to your customer
- Schedule a date and time for the video survey and send them a link to the Shyft Moving app
- Initiate a video chat via the app
- Conduct the contactless video survey

Benefits of using Shyft Moving video estimation technology

Accuracy: Shyft platform is designed to maximize productivity with inventories that are 95% accurate.

Privacy: We're not affiliated with any other platforms, so your data and your customers' data will remain private and secure.

Efficiency: Movers using Shyft will be able to complete a survey within 30 minutes, as opposed to the industry standard of 3 hours.

Everything in One Place:
- Works on every device
- Offers audio, video and live chat
- SMS and email enabled
- Allows for customer interaction and feedback
- Has the option for templates
- Live notes feature
- Search function
- Instant access, anywhere

Why Choose Shyft Video Survey?
- Automatic recording and archiving of all video, phone and text correspondence with customer
- Surveys are >95% accurate
- Professional itemized digital inventory
- Easy online survey scheduling and 24/7 customer/technical support
98.8% overall customer satisfaction
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