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The application that simplifies the life of coaches and players in amateur sport

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Very easy to use and 100% free, TeamPulse is an application that aims to simplify the management of your team.

No more SMS, calls, emails or Facebook groups to try to communicate with your teammates, Team Pulse offers you all the features you need to manage your team in one application.

- SCHEDULE: Add your recurring events (trainings), one-off events (specific trainings, meetings, parties) or your matches in a few seconds.

- AVAILABILITY: Be constantly aware of the number of people present or absent at each of your events (training sessions, matches, etc.) with automatic reminders for players who have not responded.

- COMPOSITION: create your team composition for match events and announce it in your team's Locker Room in one click.

- SOCIAL: Take advantage of a dedicated Locker Room tab for each of your teams where each member can express himself, react and share photos, videos or documents with the whole group.

- MESSAGING: Take advantage of a Messaging module allowing you to send personal and group messages to all the players of your different teams.

- MULTI-TEAMS: Manage or become a member of as many teams as you want. Ideal if you play and coach in two different teams for example.

- MULTI-ACCOUNTS: Manage as many accounts as you want within the application and change accounts in just a few clicks. Ideal if you have several children who need to use TeamPulse.

- OTHER FEATURES: connection with Facebook, possibility to add a profile picture, possibility to add a team logo, possibility to add information about each player, possibility to change a player to a spectator profile, possibility to select or limit the number of participants to an event with reserve management, attendance report sent automatically to the admins 1 hour before the start of each session, automatic notification to the admins when a player's attendance changes, etc.

Team Pulse is available for Football, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Volleyball, Tennis, Combat Sports, Dance, Gymnastics, Badminton, Swimming, Walking, Table Tennis, Cycling, Track and Field, Running, Triathlon, Dodgeball, Water polo and many more.
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