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Live & Offline OCR text recognition
1. Instant and quick detection and extraction of texts from camera
2. Even support text scanning from existing local images like jpeg (image to text)
3. Real-time overlay of scanned and detected texts on camera preview
4. Live Camscanner & Docscanner and thus live transcription from document

Accurate and Reliable
1. Detect texts accurately and reliably even under less brightness (you still can use flashlight)
2. Our text scanner OCR is based on advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) developed recently
3. You can easily copy and edit scanned text and documents too

Offline: No internet connection is required
1. Everything is done locally and offline without internet and network connection

Support multiple languages
1. Support most of Latin Characters (e.g, English, German, French, Italian etc)
2. Unfortunately, we are not supporting Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean etc.

1. No restrictive features (e.g., unlimited OCR docscan)
2. No Ads, No distraction

Support auto backup (> Android 6.0) and free csv export
1. Share your scanned texts and docs: send an email, copy to clipboard and send to other apps
2. You can easily search previously scanned history via keyword or calendar

* Our text scanner & text recognizer OCR app can be used for multiple purposes. Our app is best-in-class camscanner & docscanner. It can be used to scan business cards, receipts, credit cards, notes, and image to text. Note that it is difficult to scan handwritten or curved or cursive texts in practice.

* We'd appreciate your valuable feedback. Please, report bugs or request features to [email protected]
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