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It’s time for healthy social media.

Here, you’re in control - you decide who sees your posts, who shows up in your custom feeds and what groups are most important to you.

We’ve rolled in more than two-dozen key resources to make your life easier. Of course, we have polls, calendar events and file sharing, but you’ll also find signup lists, tasks, checklists and more.

Groups love us because we’ve made it easy to rally the teams, leagues, clubs and volunteers, all in one place. No more fielding endless questions via email or in jumbled text threads. On The Jump, communication is streamlined and important details are neatly organized. Plus, the app is free for everyone to use.

How is The Jump different?

We’re investing our energy in helping people have positive and engaging interactions. The Jump isn’t a platform built on anger and division and we intend to keep it that way.

Our company culture is at the heart of everything. You won’t find an algorithm pushing the most outlandish story higher in feeds, we’ll never sell your data and we give users the tools to customize their own app experience.

How do we make money?

We’re challenging brands to step up their game in an entirely new ecosystem. We’re working with companies we love to funnel a piece of their digital advertising budgets into creating content and unique experiences that fans actually care about. Stuff so good that people seek it out!

In doing so, we believe we can help build partnerships, content and cool events that actually work for everyone involved.

What’s a ‘Jump’ anyway?

It’s what we call a group. They’re designed to bring a group of people together around a common interest or activity. Each Jump serves as a digital living room, where it’s easy to chat, ask questions and share updates with other group members. There, you’ll find your group’s files, photos, events and signup lists, all saved by resource type.

Have questions about the app? Drop us a line at [email protected].
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