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Travia Returns description:

Travia Returns is an MMORPG mobile game which focuses on feudal warfare.

[Game Characteristics]

▶ Explore
In order to participate in the war, you will need to play a single mode game and level up. This is done on Explore mode.

Explore mode consists of 24 stages. You can level up, gather gold and acquire gears to either equip or sacrifice them to enhance your equipped gears.

▶ Conquest
As you play along Explore, you will probably fall short of Gold. You can either Auto Repeat the same stage over and over again in Explore mode or join the open field Conquest mode.

In Conquest mode, you can play with other players. You won't be able to party up or fight them, but you will be able to see them and talk to them. You probably want to take a spot and Fix yourself there and set it to auto hunt. Your character will then claim all the Gold you will ever need.

▶ Battleground
There are other MMO zones besides Conquest mode. One of them is the Battleground where you can PvE and PvP at the same time.

The Battle Ground produces lots and lots of Gold compared to Explore or Conquest. But you will be facing other players, so it will be a dangerous place to simply auto hunt. Once you enter Battleground, you will either be placed in red or blue team. Your goal is of course to acquire as much Gold as possible. Have strong team mate is definitely a plus here.

▶ Arena
Potions in Travia Returns are a valuable component since it will automatically heal. This potion can be earned in the Arena. You will get one HP potions if you lose, but will get more if you win. So trying the Arena is always a plus.

▶ Feudal war
If you think you are strong enough and ready for the next step, then join a guild and participate in the feudal war which is a territory war. Fief Occupation War happens during weekdays. Plunder Wars happens during the weekends.

Feudal war will progress from Monday(00:00) ~ Friday(24:00) every weekdays. You will need feudal war enter key to join the feudal war. (If you have used all the keys, you can use Gems to enter.)

You can join the feudal war with four of your Bot Guild Members. (Once you have accompanied the Guild Members, you will not be able to use them for 6 hours.)

Fief will open with 3 maps after settlement time (12:00 on Sunday). (We will add more Fiefs later on)

1. Astara Ruins 1F
2. Balmor Swamp
3. Britrah Forest

▶ Plunder war
Plunder will occur every Saturday 9 am to 9 pm, Sunday 9 am to 10 pm.
Plunder is a system where you can steal Feudal Points from other guilds.

To proceed with Plunder, you will need Feudal war enter key. (You can use Gems to enter as well. You will not consume any key when defending.)

The battle will occur in real time and end when you have destroyed the opponent’s guild core.

You will not be able to resurrect when you die during Plunder. (The defense team will be able to resurrect and be invulnerable for 5 seconds. You also will be able to reenter.)

Show your might !!
And emerge as hero !!
In the world of Travia !!

Please visit our official cafe for more information.
Official Cafe :
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Travia Returns 1.51 for Android 4.4 APK file

Version: 1.51 for Android Android 4.4

Update on: April 24 17

Signature: 08953e64f18e92c54c42befbfa7711a6d94fcff7

Size: 46.06 MB (48,295,264 bytes)

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Travia Returns 1.50 for Android 4.4 APK file

Version: 1.50 for Android Android 4.4

Update on: April 22 17

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Size: 46.06 MB (48,294,890 bytes)

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Travia Returns 1.48 for Android 4.4 APK file

Version: 1.48 for Android Android 4.4

Update on: April 18 17

Signature: 08953e64f18e92c54c42befbfa7711a6d94fcff7

Size: 42.71 MB (44,787,400 bytes)

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User reviews
Benjessie Casillas avatar

Benjessie Casillas

Didn't even get to pick character. It froze then auto loaded a random character. Starting a Game in a glitch does not make me wanna play it. I would love to play the game tho if my character can be reset and I am allow to actually choose one. Till then I am unable to test or try the game due to it starting with a glitch.

Levi Goss avatar

Levi Goss

Game is fun so far, getting stuck on the 4th stage. It keeps freezing up and i can control my character. I can pause the stage and quit but I can't play it. Please help!

Encrusted StoneHart avatar

Encrusted StoneHart

Great game so far Glad there's a female class that's actually original and not your typical marksman or healer. Looking forward to interacting with more players and playing the matches

Maikeru Noshijōka avatar

Maikeru Noshijōka

I have waited an hour for this game to start after it finished loading and it still hasn't. Then I restart the app and the screen just stays black and I waited another hour but nothing has changed. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I know my device is compatible for this game. So what the heck gives devs?

elijah ford avatar

elijah ford

ZTE Zmaz Pro,,,, it's funny but nothing that I haven't already seen on Android!!!!!.