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BE SECURE ANYWHERE YOU GO. With Trigger, the on-demand security app

TriggerSA descripción

Trigger - Smart Help NOW

Trigger goes where you go.

The Trigger smart App is downloaded onto any smartphone that supports the use of GPS and that has data. Trigger also has a standalone panic button/device that can operate without the need to carry the phone - so long as it has been paired with the Trigger App and there is a valid subscription.

A plan for your pocket
Trigger has a variety of affordable plans, all on a subscriber basis, billed month-to-month or yearly, and which can be cancelled at any time.

Professional service providers
Trigger has partnered with recognised professional service providers: The armed responders are all registered with the necessary authorities, and with more than 170 armed response companies already contracted, we have a very big reach across South-Africa.

Our Roadside Assistance and Medical Emergency Services are provided by multiple private service providers.

Lawyer-on-Call provides legal services from a reputable professional law firm and the Trauma & Suicide counsellors are experienced and qualified people who can assist our members through trying times.

We have legal and detailed service level agreements in place with all our service providers to ensure that our members receive the best service possible.

NSRI plays a crucial role in sea and open water rescues. Trigger makes it possible to alert the NSRI to an emergency with a push of a button on the Trigger app. The service is available where NSRI offers open water rescues (inland and along the coast).

Trackme functionality include:
Family/Friends Tracking, GeoFencing and Emergency contact notification functionalities.
These additional features are free on the Trigger app.

Your personal safety nets

Our Platinum Plan of on-demand services include:

Armed response
Emergency Medical Services (paramedics)
Roadside Assistance
Trauma and Counselling helpline
Open water rescue

Our Basic Plan of on-demand services include:

Armed response

What makes Trigger different?
We use smart technology to autonomously connect you to help. Trigger equips each armed response vehicle in our network, with a Trigger responder device, so that when a subscriber pushes the button, the closed armed response service provider is autonomously dispatched to the location from which the call for help originates. When every second matters...

We also have a human touch - a team of operators is on call 24 hours per day 365 days of the year to help you, so you know you are not alone.

In short, Trigger has partnered with best of breed service providers and put them all together on one platform - no need to contact several different providers or remember different numbers. Just one. Trigger!

Who can use Trigger?
The answer is simple, anyone and everyone can and should use Trigger. At home, at work, young and old, but especially when you’re out of home, then you need someone that can support you in case of an emergency.

Note: This service is only available in South-Africa.

To find out more www.trigger.co.za or call us on: +27108240620

*** You can optionally provide access to your contact list to make it easier to invite friends and family. Trigger doesn't upload or store your contact list.

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