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A dating app on a mission to insert personality back into the dating equation.

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If you are tired of random swiping and superficial dating apps, then allow us to make your dating smarter and more meaningful.

Ur My Type is based on the popular 16 personality types framework, which indicates the different psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions, in addition to other general patterns of behavior and thought.

The app allows you to search for people who you believe have a personality type that is compatible with yours, match with them, and then go out on a date!

We believe this makes for a much more interesting first date than just liking the other person’s pictures!

We are not claiming that looks don’t matter though. We still need to be real! This is why we give you insight into people’s personalities AND show you their pictures.

We are trying to replicate the same considerations you would have if you were meeting this person in real life and deciding whether to ask them out on a date!

Download the app now to experience the way online dating should have always been!
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