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The app offers everything you need for efficient fleet- and driver management.

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VAN2SHARE offers you everything you need for an efficient fleet - and driver-management.

With Courier Assist and the VAN2SHARE App, you can manage your fleet digitally. This allows you to efficiently coordinate your orders - from tour scheduling to driver and vehicle allocation - perfectly matched to your corresponding order. You also have access to the Virtual Fleet.

With the Virtual Fleet, you can achieve maximum capacity utilization thanks to flexible vehicle usage. If you need an additional vehicle, Courier Assist allows you to automatically book Virtual Fleet Smart Vans on an hourly or even minutely basis. This allows you to professionally manage order peaks - for satisfied customers and drivers.

Smart Vans are intelligent transporters that speed up your order processing. The unique Smart Vans from VAN2SHARE do all the work: the driver can open the vehicle with the smartphone without complicated key handling. All orders are listed immediately in the Smart Vans system and thanks to real-time navigation, everything arrives at its destination as quickly as possible, taking into account the current traffic situation.
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