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VT(Video Teleprompter) is the leading teleprompter App

VT is the TV studio in your pocket:
-Use the teleprompter to record the video, or click to record and improvise the script,
-Add automatic subtitles with one click.
-Edit the title of the story,
-Superimpose an elegant theme to the title,
-Crop the video to square
-Just select a word to quickly trim.
-Brands with logo and business card animation,

Video maker for social posts
Create branded social posts in minutes to enhance your social media channels. Share your high-quality stories to all social channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger or WhatsApp. Join the ranks of the best creators on YouTube and the most influential on Instagram.

Video teleprompter
Prompt your script. Use the smart reminder to read your script and record video clips from the front camera at the same time. Change the speed of text scrolling, monitor audio while recording video, lock auto exposure for proper lighting.

Edit video subtitles
Automatically add subtitles with one click. With VT automatic subtitles, you can have a good handheld video editing experience! VT will automatically transcribe your video into the storyboard, and it will be perfectly synchronized with the subtitles.
Add text subtitles to the video so you can view it when muted. Using subtitles can encourage more than 37% of the audience to turn on the voice.

Video modeling editor
Use VT Teleprompter to brand your story. Add your custom logo and professional-quality title.

Crop video
Using VT, crop your video into a square video suitable for Instagram or Facebook. One-click to select the area and format the video into a square, vertical or horizontal format.
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