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With ViMove for Climate, you can is expanding its commitment to climate protection. The idea is simple: Participants do the exercise, and You will be rewarded with planted trees - every kilometer and every minute counts.
Thanks to the moves made by more than 8000 participants and more than 600 teams from 54 countries, we planted last year more than 1.000.000 trees.

From Crosstraining to Yoga
There are more than 20 sports to choose from, so you can count as many of your favorite forms of exercise as possible. For example, you can play 20 minutes of golf, cycle 3 kilometers or do 12 minutes of yoga for one tree. Every movement counts!

With #ViMoveForClimate, we have already planted trees in Uganda, Kenya, China, Russia, and Peru, among others. We work with our partner CHOOOSE, who selects the projects and makes sure that each project is integrated into the local community so that they benefit local people. Preserving biodiversity is high among our priorities, and we have already planted more than 50 different species of trees.

During ViMove for Climate campaigns, we’re donating trees in exchange for your exercise. Join our movement and take part in the next challenge for climate and not only...
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