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Virtual running and other challenges. Timekeeping and tracking in the app

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viRACE - Virtual Running descripción

Join the viRACE community of over 130,000 athletes from 162 countries and participate in virtual races and challenges. Live updates about the intermediate results of you and your marked favorites and friends are delivered directly to your ears via headphones.

viRACE offers you:

  • Participation in various virtual runs and challenges (timing and tracking via app): virtual runs, virtual cross-country skiing events and other sports.

  • Live information on intermediate results and additional motivation provided by the organizers is delivered straight to your ears via headphones. All participants of a virtual run or challenge are listed on the details page of the different events and can be selected as favorites. This allows participants to keep up on progress of thier friends. You can also compare yourself directly with your personal best time.

  • Different challenges: with free choice of routes or with predefined routes

  • Automatic sending of start number and diploma (for selected events)

  • Regular raffle of prizes at different virtual runs and challenges

This is how it works:

Immediately after registering, you will be taken to the international event feed. From here you can register for virtual runs or challenges in just a few steps. These are either started at a predefined start time by all participants at the same time or the start time can be freely selected within a certain time window. Live updates via headphones keep you informed about the race (countdown to the start, remaining distance, intermediate positions, results of the marked favourites, ...) and motivate you to achieve your best performance. Timing, distance measurement, start and finish - everything is handled directly by the app.

For organizers:

We offer event organizers the ability to plan and run virtual events themselves. There are also numerous options for running charity events. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

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