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Weather forecast & Weather alerts descripción

Weather forecast is an indispensable application in your smartphone. It is very useful for everyone with accurate weather and provides today's weather forecast or tomorrow's detailed weather forecast and updated breaking news from the US today. It also provides current atmospheric pressure, online weather conditions, climate, relative humidity, barometer, dew point, speed, and wind direction with live radar. Daily newspaper and hourly weather forecast. Real-time weather gives you accurate weather information no matter where you are!
Weather forecast: Weather - Temperature is the prediction application of fast and accurate weather information and us newspapers for all users. It’s easy to use application, with just one click, you can check local weather radar live, today’s weather, the next 7 days,
*** Key features of the Weather App ***

TrựcDirect information updated weekly, daily, hourly to check local temperature & local weather live:
All real-time weather reports, including real-time weather and temperature conditions, "feel" temperature, precipitation, UV index, humidity, visibility, pressure, number pollen volume, sunrise time, and sunset time with live radar.
💦 Today's weather forecast for many countries
💦 10-day forecast or 5-day forecast or 7-day forecast.
💦 Tomorrow weather forecast
💦 Weather forecast for tropical depressions
💦 Today's weather, tomorrow's weather or weather 10 days
💦 See weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the next 7 days easily when you use the Weather Forecast app: Barometer - Pressure.
💦 Weather - Temperature measurement
💦 Display all weather information: location time, climate, temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation.
💦 Storm forecast, storm path and area of impact.
💦 Support converting measurement units.
💦 Measure temperature quickly and accurately as a thermometer.
💦 Add and track weather forecast for all of your favorite countries’ cities and destinations.
💦 Weather forecast hourly and weekly.
Weather - Temperature measurement
☔️ Forecast highly appreciated:
Tell you to bring an umbrella when there is a forecast for the low-pressure tropical weather or your local weather is getting worse. The news will be updated continuously to bring you useful information.
🌂Information warning weather:
Notify you of warnings, real-time weather warnings, and accurate tropical low-pressure weather forecast.

🌈 Weather & Widgets:
You can select multiple widgets to display basic information about the weather.

Weather forecast for all countries, for all countries:
☄We support all countries in the world such as United States (US), Brazil, United Kingdom (UK)...
☄ Weather forecasts support today and weather forecasts for the 10-day forecast or 5-day forecasts or 7-day forecasts for any local weather.


☁Read the news on your own terms with private filtering.
View the latest news and breaking news today for US today and world, weather, entertainment, politics.
☁ Constantly updated with hot events, the latest and greatest world us newspapers are aggregated and selected intelligently, constantly updated from the US newspaper.
☁ Recommend the daily newspapers closest to your reading habits.
☁ Easily share us newspapers information on leading social networks.
☁ Easily select add all newspaper to your favorite detectors folder.
☁ Latest breaking news and information on the top stories, business, entertainment, politics, and many more.
☁ Constantly updated the political and legal situation of the US today.
We hope that this weather application will help you to see weather information easily.
This free mobile weather app is 100% FREE! So now you can download it now for free on the store!
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