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Fishing App with fishing activity forecasts, worldwide catches and statistics

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🐠 Create your fishing journal 🌤 Get the best fishing forecasts 🏝 Discover your most active fishing locations and zones 🎣 Analyze your catches in detail 🐟 Buy fishing gear and much more... Fishing has never been easier!

With WeFish you can:

✅ Create your fishing journal using all your catches, with related information and data: statistics, most caught species, best locations, real-time weather information, practical materials, and more. 🗒🐟

IMPORTANT! Your catch information is 📵CONFIDENTIAL📵 No one will ever know the location of your catches.

✅Equip yourself with the most effective fishing gear

Discover the gear used by the community to achieve incredible catches. We're not talking about advertising, we're talking about real recommendations from other users who have caught fish with this gear. Adapted to your fishing locations and methods!

✅Get the best fishing forecasts thanks to the ultimate tool to know where and when to fish. Select a zone on the map and you'll know the fishing activity, species activity, most effective methods, baits and lures to use... and even their colors. Fishing has never been easier! ⚙️

All our predictions are based on real data. With more than 500,000 catches recorded in WeFish, we've been able to analyze them and identify behavior patterns for each species. Fishing isn't just math or algorithms that come out of nowhere, fishing is knowing each species and their habitats.

✅Plan your trips with the most accurate weather information

Also, you can create personalized markers so you don't miss the best fishing days.

Analyze all your catches and discover the lunar phases that work best for you, in which months you catch the most, which lure color is most effective for each species, the best water temperature, etc.

✅Learn from and connect with anglers from all over the world 🤠 Experts in freshwater fishing in rivers or lakes, or saltwater fishing in the sea.

✅Overcome fishing challenges, win prizes and discounts, level up, and compete with your friends 🏆

✅The latest fishing news, tutorials, interviews, TOPs and fun facts. 📲 Everything you need to stay up-to-date on sport fishing.

With WeFish, you'll be the best angler.

WeFish is:

🙂 Simple: An easy and intuitive app for anglers to enjoy what they really love... fishing!
🚀 Fast: You can access photos and information about your catches in seconds.
🎮 Fun: Share your catches as you level up, check your statistics, and much more.
🆓 Free: Enjoy the best fishing app for free. Download and use it completely free.

From the WeFish fishing app, we promote and encourage the practice of sport fishing. To do this, catches must comply with basic rules (User Manual), where catches are shown in a natural environment, without any mistreatment and respecting sizes and quotas. The perfect photo? The one that shows a single catch with the landscape in the background, where we can enjoy the beauty of this sport through its catches. And of course, we also encourage catch and release of species, especially in freshwater, due to the lower capacity for ecosystem recovery.

If you're an angler, this is your app!
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