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*** For the free version of this app, please go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.faudroids.werewolf ***

*** If you have already bought the pro version inside the free Werewolf app you don't need to buy this app! You will receive all updates via the free app :) ***

*** Questions, feedback? We want to hear from you! [email protected] ***

If you want to play the party game Werewolf (also known as Mafia), but all you are missing is a set of cards and you don't feel like using pen and paper, this app is for you. Simply configure how many players are participating, which roles you would like to use (e.g. how many werewolves etc.) and off you go. You will then be able to hand around your device and each player can tap to see their role.

More than 30 roles available!

- Werewolf
- Villager
- Seer
- Doctor
- Hunter
- Witch
- Priest
- Drunk
- Cupid
- Bodyguard
- Aura seer
- Seer apprentice
- Junior werewolf
- Amulet of protection holder
- Sect leader
- Leprous human
- Lycan
- Doppelganger
- Idiot
- Lone wolf
- Grumpy grandma
- Mayor
- Tough guy
- Handsome prince
- Harlot
- Mad scientist
- Mason
- Little girl
- Sorcerer
- Gunner
- Serial killer
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User reviews
Donald Eiz avatar

Donald Eiz

Pls update more role. I want every role in card version thx.

Rose4u avatar


breaking friendship simulator P.S can you guys make the killing role skip their option to kill at night.

Ralvi Lingga Ariyan avatar

Ralvi Lingga Ariyan

Best game with the best dev team ever! The apps is so nice and the dev is so communicatives about my problems, thank you so much! And keep up the good works!

koro _neko avatar

koro _neko

Seer should see players as human or a werewolf

master sans avatar

master sans

Its a cool game I mean awesome game but I think it's kinda stupid that you have to pay for more roles but still a awesome game