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- enjoy with WATS “app for WhatsApp status”. It allows you to save videos from WhatsApp to gallery. This app enables you to “Easy tool for WhatsApp status downloader”. Forever, even after removing it from your friend's status. When you have a status downloader for WhatsApp & video. There is no need to ask your friends to send their status video for WhatsApp or status images that you liked, so Our application will do this job with ease. You can download a smart tool for WhatsApp for reposting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social networks.
- With “WATS ”, take advantage of the new status video download free to get the best status downloader for WhatsApp status. And share to friends.

- Features of the WATS “app for WhatsApp status”

✔ A quick and easy download of all photos, GIFs, and videos by Easy tool for WhatsApp status downloader in one click.
✔ save status for WhatsApp in the device photo gallery and saved status section of the app
✔ Beautiful app interface. You can view pictures for status or status videos for WhatsApp in high-quality inside the application.
✔ You can download images as the home screen wallpaper for your device.
✔ The app has been translated into 79 international languages

- “WATS ” shows you 3 cases from different environments of status video download: -
1- Normal status.
2- G.B, status.
3- Business status.

- How does download status from WhatsApp work: -

1- Launch WhatsApp and go to the Status section.
2- Click on any WhatsApp picture or video.
3- Go to the WATS app, save the application and open the status section.
4- Click the 'Save' button from the toolbar menu to download from WhatsApp. Now you can save status for WhatsApp, and you can share it or repost it.

- You are on the right app page for a new status video download free. App for WhatsApp status. Have you ever wanted to download from WhatsApp or save your friends' status, now it is easy to save status videos for any friend you love, so feel free to download status from WhatsApp?

- Easy tool for WhatsApp status downloader is the most powerful tool that helps you to save the status video for WhatsApp. Status downloader app is one of the best status downloader for WhatsApp status app which provides you a function to download status. With download status video, you will be able to download all statuses like video status, photo statuses, and GIF status. This status saver app is easy to use for any user. Click view and download from WhatsApp in phone viewer with free status download app.

- If you like WATS “save status for WhatsApp” please give us 5 stars and support us with your comments. Or report bugs and suggest any features you want.

- Note: -
1 - WATS “status downloader for WhatsApp status” is not affiliated with WhatsApp, Inc. And we are
2 - We are not responsible for any kind of reuse of any status that the user downloads.
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