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Spin the wheel. Earn Pinngle credits. Make free calls via Pinngle Safe Messenger

Wheel of Free Credits descripción

Do you want to call someone but don't have enough credits? Wheel of free credits is offering you the opportunity to spin the wheel and win credits to make free calls with Pinngle Safe Messenger. You can use the credits to make free international calls, buy virtual numbers of any country, or use Pinngle’s callback feature to make free offline calls.

Pinngle is a secure messenger app with free messaging, voice calls, video chat, & public channels. Since our focus is on quality & worldwide accessibility, we’re offering you free credits so you can stay connected with your family and friends even when you’re connected on 2G.

Now you can enjoy high-quality voice and video chats. Connect with Pinngle users for FREE and easily make international calls with your earned credits

All you got to do is spin the wheel.
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