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WidgetLocker Lockscreen description:

WidgetLocker is a lock screen replacement that puts you in control of the look, feel and layout of your lock screen.
- Drag and Drop placement of Sliders, Android Widgets and App Shortcuts
- Sliders look selectable from built-in styles (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Gingerbread, Sense and Sense 3, Motorola, iPhone, and Rotary) or from user-themes.
- Slider Actions can be customized, for example Slide-to-launch-Camera or Slide-to-call-your-Girlfriend.
- Resizable widgets and custom grid size
- Notification badges on apps/sliders via TeslaUnread ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.notifier )
- Customize which widgets/buttons are allowed or blocked at the lock screen

Portions of WidgetLocker are based on the excellent ADW.Launcher ( http://t.co/YvVMkGc ) by Ander Webb and friends.

For download issues or Play Store errors such as Error 941 please contact Google at http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/request.py?policy=apps&contact_type=contact_policy

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User reviews
Anip Best avatar

Anip Best

Changed from 4 to 2 star. Still no updates & "home" button still unlocks my phone. Note 3 It's a great app. Like it very much. Love the customization. But...it need updates: -lag time is too long. -need kitkat style lockscreen album art while playing musics. -security features. Overall great app. Worth the money. Please update with more features. Thanks.?

Naveen bansal avatar

Naveen bansal

Where is update? Will this app ever update in life? Waste my money on this crap.

Matthew Long avatar

Matthew Long

I love it! however, i found a bug (i think). in android 4.4.2, if you enable developer mode, go to the developer options within android, and then change the animation scales (i changed mine from 1x to .5x for faster animations) it breaks the widgetlocker unlock animations. even after putting the android scales back to 1x and rebooting, it still removes the widgetlocker unlock animations from functioning (ive tried them all). otherwise, a fantastic app that does exactly what i wanted and makes my phone a lot sexier!

Roe Jo avatar

Roe Jo

Had to disable ? TeslaUnread stopped working on several apps but only on the locker, not Nova Launcher. Would love to see an update.

Andre Shepherd avatar

Andre Shepherd

Great App but Presently broken ( Fixed 12/13) Love WidgetLocker..but update 4.4.2 broke it completely. Emailed the Dev, hopefully he is working on a fix. Otherwise Awesome app...those giving one stars because of compatibility issues? Come On...he will fix it...just be patient!