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Yokitup or the art of running your restaurant with peace of mind

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Yokitup, the new partner for restaurateurs!

Yokitup is the powerful and intuitive restaurant management application that allows you to have a clear vision of your activity in the hustle of everyday life. Each of our features has been designed to meet the specific needs of the food service industry, and your constraints of organization and profitability.

Yokitup is :
- A multi-site application that centralizes the data of all your establishments,
- Optimised costs and controlled margins,
- Smooth and efficient supplier order management,
- Controlled, valuated and always up-to-date stocks,
- Optimised and scrutinised technical data sheets,
- Optimal management of your production plant.

Thanks to the connection to your point of sale, Yokitup allows you to make a thorough and real time analysis of your activity. At a glance, analyze your performance, make the right decisions and optimize your profitability.

With an unlimited number of accesses, you can also give a hand to your teams. By making them more autonomous, you improve the quality of their work and save your time to focus on the essentials.

Whether you are at the head of one or several restaurants, enjoy a complete tool that allows you to reveal the full potential of your restaurant!

Yokitup is accessible online at any time from a computer or the mobile application.
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