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Manage users, groups, mail settings and moderate emails all from one App.

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The Zoho Mail Admin App is designed with a complete understanding of System Administrators like you. A classic Black and Red design reminiscent of the powerful system shell lets you manage all your admin tasks in just a few swipes. The App greets you with a lucid dashboard, showcasing upfront the total number of users and groups in your Mail account. Dig deeper, and you get to do all these:

User Management: Add users, reset passwords and change user roles, all on the go
Group Management: Add members to a group, remove members from a group and change roles
Mail Moderation: Approve/reject emails that need moderation (for those few emails that are too urgent to wait for you to get to your computer)
Storage Management: You can add extra storage for a user using the "storage" addon

Note: The App is intended for Administrators of Zoho Mail Organization. You would require an active Zoho Mail administrator account to use this app.
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