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We have carefully prepared a collection of famous songs of Aimyon

Aimyon Full Album descripción

This is a music appreciation application that anyone can use easily.
Including the most complete Aimyon music video
You can watch [Namie Amuro] songs through one app.
Strongly recommend to those who like Aimyon


1. Everything is free to use.
2. You can view them by overall popularity.
3. You can mark your favorite songs in order to listen to them easily.
4. New songs will be updated timely.
5. Simple and quick search function
6. It is easy to use by anyone regardless of age.

※ Watching videos will consume a lot of data.
※ If you do not have an unlimited data plan, we recommend that you use it in a Wi-Fi environment.

This application is a third-party media player and does not post videos and is not intended to infringe copyright.
This application is a third-party player and complies with the YouTube API Terms of Service
YouTube uses a content identification system to protect the rights of copyright owners

If an unauthorized video is found, the copyright owner can send a copyright removal notice to YouTube
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