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Unique Idle MMORPG with Triple Fun! Speed x3, Benefit x3 and Style x3!

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The amazing vertical idle MMORPG with 3× fun! Faster, stronger and better!
One-handed operation, smooth movements, intelligent feedback, and casual gameplay make it easy and enjoyable for you. Play anytime and anywhere!

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[Game Features]

-Get FREE VIP10 after creating your role! Tons of diamonds and rewards will be sent non-stop to help you pass stages!
-100M FREE [Red Diamonds] for everyone, and you can buy whatever you want in the Constellation Shop! such as:Blade of Chaos,Vampire Blood,

3×Growth Speed!
-Upgrade to full level without lifting a finger! Character level and combat power increase automatically even when offline throughout the day! Get stronger and stronger 24×7! With your CP growing, you can slay any bossses you want. Such as albion denon, nexus demon.

3×Aesthetic Style!
-Exquisite outfits of different styles, cool mounts, cute pets, gorgeous wings, and powerful weapons, all the things you could ever get are here! Match your unique look and show your style! For example:Blades of Chaos, Evil Suits, Immortal Demon Suits, Gundam-like Suits.

-Varieties of dungeons and bosses are waiting for you to challenge! The more bosses you hunt, the stronger your power will be! Limited time activities-Westward Journey Restarts, Limited time activities-Blade Fantasy, rumbling run.
-Multiple cross-server combat, leagues, Abyss Demon King, exquisite costumes, mounts and massive benefits are online! Abyss bosses and top-level costumes are waiting for you to challenge. Collect artifacts to create your own cool image. Master multiple skills to experience the thrill of reaping monsters!
-Swing your sword and harvest abundant loots with your buddies, and become the strongest!

Meet your destined partner
-Forge your exclusive wedding ring and engrave your eternal love on it!
-Raise your adorable children and let the pledge of your love guard your journey!
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