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🐦 Hoot, hoot! Welcome to the owl city, a cute cartoon town that never sleeps! Download Cute Owl Live Wallpaper, a collection of “owl backgrounds” and embellish your screen with these lovely cartoon birds! Cute owl eye will spy on you each and every time you look at your new “owl wallpaper” - get these cute backgrounds and enjoy your personal owlet for Android™! Each and every cartoon owl wallpaper will bring happiness and joy - cute bird live wallpaper HD is just the right thing for all the animal lovers out there! Download these owl themes for Android™ free and become a true night owl - spend days and night enjoying your new bird wallpaper! These cute wallpapers HD will start a real owl evolution on your screen - each day, you will get a new live owl wallpaper, thus multiplying the number of the cute birds in your wallpaper gallery - free download one of the best live wallpapers owls and beautify your desktop with the best owl images HD!

🐦 Search for the “Cute Owl Live Wallpaper” on the list of your installed apps!
🐦 Open the owl wallpapers and backgrounds and click on the blinking Settings button!
🐦 Browse through our night owl HD app to find your favorite “cute owl wallpapers for free”; click on the selected owl pictures to use all the options that this free app offers!
🐦 List of wallpapers: Click on your favorite “owl live wallpaper” and bird wallpapers HD, or scroll down to use your own pictures from the gallery!
🐦 Option “live wallpaper with my photo”: Add a photo from your gallery to try our animated particles, like live rain effects for pictures - use the custom photo option at the end of the list of backgrounds!
🐦 Scroll left/right: Scroll the “cute owl backgrounds” left or right to browse for your favorite beautiful owls themes!
🐦 Gear icon activates the settings of the bird wallpaper live!
🐦 Particle icon lets you choose among four types of animated particles: random floating particles, animated rain, snow or falling cute stars!
🐦 Speed icon regulates the speed of the particles (slow, normal, fast)!
🐦 Particle density icon lets you choose the amount of particles!
🐦 Direction icon sets the direction of the particles (left, right, up, down)!
🐦 Play button starts the animation of your new “cute owl wallpapers”!
🐦 Set as wallpaper button puts the owl background images on your screen!

🐦 Free the owls on your screen by installing Cute Owl Live Wallpaper! If you weren't brought up in the woods to be scared by owls, you'll know that this is the best owl wallpaper cartoon on the market! Go on an owl-prowl with this live bird wallpaper - look at your pretty little birds all day and night! The early bird catches the worm, so hurry up and be the first one who will get these wallpapers owls - surprise your friends and family with a perfect “owls wallpaper”! These cute birds with their huge eyes will make you smile for sure - download owl wallpaper live and have a rare bird on your screen! Owl images download is something you must have if you are an avid bird enthusiast - embellish your home screen with a flying bird HD live wallpaper or get an owl lockscreen - either way, you will have a bird in the hand! Fine feathers make fine birds, and our owl themes have a ton of silky feathers which will fall gently on your screen - download owl wallpaper HD and see how these birds in their little nests agree that this surely is the best bird wallpaper that you can find on the market! Download Cute Owl Live Wallpaper and enjoy night owl HD wallpapers and cute birds backgrounds completely free on your screen!
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