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Action RPG / Strategy / Roguelike / Pixel Art / Puzzle game inside one grid cube

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Dungeon Cube descripción

Dungeon Cube is a simple pixel-art RPG game where player moves, fights with monsters, gathers potions, swords and shields - all inside one cube grid.

It's also like roguelike game: it's a turn-based fantasy dungeon with selectable characters, procedurally generated dungeons, pixel art graphics and permadeath.

For every next level something new (new enemies, new weapons, new mechanics) is added, which redefines rules a bit, so it requires adaptive strategy skills how to solve the next puzzle.

Beaten monsters left gold for which you can buy an upgrades (like health and armor) to became a stronger hero and be ready for more advenced levels! Search of epic treasure!

Game Features:
- quick game sessions, perfect for 🚽 or commuting by 🚌, 🚆, ✈
- easy to learn, hard to master 💪
- low requirements, so it works smoothly on every phone 📱
- funny pixel art graphics and sounds 😄
- no internet connection required 🌐
- a lot of achievements 🏆
- highscore tables to compete with your friends 👥
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