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Download Emma for FREE and connect your bank accounts to get advanced insights into your spending. Emma is a budgeting app and expense tracker that helps you save a little bit everyday by showing you where you spend your money and identify areas for improvement. You can track your spending by category, manage bills & subscriptions and avoid overdrafts by budgeting smarter from payday to payday.

Emma is a powerful expense tracker and money management app that can save you over $600 every year. We use state of the art technology to analyse your spending and transactions, giving you the power to make smarter decisions with your money. Take control of your finances, start budgeting with Emma.


● Manage all your accounts in one place
● Set monthly budgets and money goals
● Track expenses payday to payday
● Automatically categorise transactions
● Find and cancel paid subscriptions
● Identify wasteful bank fees
● Daily balance notifications
● Avoid overdraft charges
● Weekly reports on your spending
● Be notified when you get paid
● Save money every month

Emma will help you take control of your finances and budget like a pro. Understand your spending, track bills & subscriptions and improve your personal finances with our free budget planner and expense tracker. Want to visualise all your bank accounts, credit cards, savings, investments and pensions in one place? Then Emma is the perfect budget app for you. Just download the app, link your bank accounts and get your free personal finance report.

Emma is the ultimate budget tracker for people looking to take control of their finances. This expense tracker will aggregate all your bank accounts, display your spending by category and give you the full list of your active subscriptions. You can also see which bills are coming up next and identify any banks fees you have been charged. Emma empowers you to control your spending and budget better while keeping your data safe and secure.


● Emma uses SSL 256-bit encryption - the same security protocol that banks use - to ensure that your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.
● Emma does not store your online banking credentials.


We believe anyone deserves a financial advocate. Someone who watches our back no matter who we are and where we come from. Emma doesn’t serve the interests of anyone. We think we can provide a great budgeting experience, which relies on a basic principle: caring about our customers’ financial well being. This is who we are and what we stand for.

Financial planning has never been that easy. Just link your accounts to Emma and let our spending tracker do the heavy lifting. Whether you're looking to track expenses, manage debt repayments or budget your way to financial freedom, Emma can help with your daily money needs. She'll let you know when you're spending too fast, notify you when you get paid and help you stay on track with your budgets with weekly reports, spending alerts and budgeting tips.

We have received amazing feedback from the community and have been recommended by Forbes, Financial Times, Politico, The Sunday Times and CITY A.M.


Upgrade to Emma Pro for access to premium features, including:
● Custom categories and unlimited budgeting, so you can track your finances like a ninja
● Rename transactions to edit how your transactions should look like
● Export data to understand your finances on excel
● Create manual Accounts to manage your cash expenses and any other accounts you might have
● Split your transactions into multiple categories for more flexibility
● Get access to priority support from our world class customer service team
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