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Find and book your favorite sports online. Everytime. Everywhere. Eversports.

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Find, book and pay for your favorite sports everytime and everywhere with the Eversports App. Eversports is the simplest way to book workshops, classes, trainings, courts, camps, retreats and educations. With Eversports you get access to more than 600 sports venues and studios in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. You will find various kinds of sports like tennis, yoga, pilates, CrossFit, football (soccer), badminton, squash, fitness and many many more.

With the Eversports App the access to your favorite sports will be simpler than ever:

• Everytime: Eversports is always available. Book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7)
• Everywhere: with Eversports you can book everywhere. With your smartphone while on your way or your personal computer at your office or from home.
• Everything: with Eversports you will always keep track of everything. You define your favorites, book them in just a few clicks and know everything about your products and visits.

Get the simplest access to your favorite sports and sports venues. Everytime. Everywhere. Eversports.

We are happy to read your feedback about Eversports. Send us your ideas how we can improve the App to [email protected]
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