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Learn first aid & get your first aid certificate! Act in case of an emergency

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The First Aid in Africa from the Red Cross app puts all the information you need about first aid in your pocket. Moreover, all our content is evidence-based!

Can you administer first aid? Every year 7.6 million people are injured in an accident. With the updated First Aid app of the Belgian Red Cross Flanders, you always have reliable information on how to act in case of these accidents, both in an urban and rural context. Whether it's a snake bite, severe bleeding, choking, or fever, the app clearly tells you what to do in an emergency. You can also use the app for first aid in a road accident or when somebody fell into a pit and has broken limbs. With the official First Aid app of the Belgian Red Cross Flanders (in collaboration with your local Red Cross), you are always prepared for accidents and don't have to look far for reliable information in case of an emergency.

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Why choose the First Aid app of the Red Cross?
-Official app of the Belgian Red Cross Flanders & managed by your local Red Cross organization
-Optimized for both urban and rural context
-Call the local emergency numbers in-app
-Fun courses and quizzes
-Local emergency numbers are available
-Useful for almost all accidents, from snake bites, severe bleeding, poisoning, choking to fever
-Reliable, evidence-based, and up-to-date information
-Simple instructions in accordance with official guidelines
-Provides the right information quickly, even in an emergency or panic
-Search function for quickly finding specific emergencies
-With a link to your Red Cross for booking a first aid training
-Achieve your first aid certificate by learning in the app and participating in in-class training after

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Which accidents and first aid situations?
The app offers help with the most common first aid situations. You will find written instructions for more than 80 situations in which first aid is necessary, such as hyperventilation, wasp stings, or a bloody nose

Not a hospital, but first aid
The app is primarily intended for emergencies that do not require immediate medical attention from a doctor but do require first aid. For each accident or situation, we indicate how you recognize the situation. Then we explain in clear steps what you can do yourself. Of course, we also indicate when it is wise to contact the doctor or the emergency room or to call the emergency number.

Note: The app does not indicate where AEDs hang.

Achieve your first aid certificate
The app is optimized for a blended learning approach (learning theory in the application and the practice in a shorter in-class training). Next to learning first aid content, you can also prepare for your online admission test to a 1-day in-class of practical first aid training at your local Red Cross organization. When you pass your exam in the 1-day in-class training, you will gain your basic first aid certificate!

The Belgian Red Cross Flanders
We are an independent volunteer organization. Through the Belgian Red Cross, we are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Our mission is threefold:
- Standing up for vulnerable people at home and abroad.
- To be active in the field of disaster relief, self-reliance, and blood supply.
- In all of this, we rely on volunteers as much as possible.

Evidence-based First Aid
All the content delivered by the Belgian Red Cross Flanders is evidence-based and validated by the Center for Evidence-Based Practice (CEBaP). More info can be found here: https://www.cebap.org/
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