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Idle Defense LF Premium descripción

It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack. The enemy's attack will become stronger and stronger, but you will become much more powerful with upgrades to your defense.

There are many powerful enemies and bosses to be defeated. You will be able to unlock new weapons, special impulses and other resources that will help you in this battle.

* Story game mode
* Challenge game mode
* Epic game mode
* Legendary game mode
* Minigames
* Special levels
* Hidden levels
* Bestiary

Kaytsumik is a brave warrior belonging to the Umik tribe. She has an amulet, a traditional relic from her family in which had been kept for generations. This amulet is quite powerful, but its power was mysteriously dormant.

Umik dominated Gray Magic, but, being practically extinct after several battles, the tribe prohibited the use of any kind of magic, as they believed that magic attracted wars. After some intriguing events, Kaytsumik was accused of practicing Black Magic and was expelled from the tribe.

After being expelled, Kaytsumik created a big castle and began her reign in a land far removed from Umik. Kaytsumik discovered that the amulet has a special power, because when her son had died in childbirth, the relic glowed brightly and it suddenly resurrected him. With that, the news spread and a powerful witch (Morttuks) was willing to take the castle in search of the mysterious relic. Morttuks can revive the most powerful warriors of all eras to fight for her. So, queen Kaytsumik needs to strengthen her defense and fight to defend her castle.
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