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Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and English!

The most fun and effective way to learn vocabulary and practice listening at the same time.

Forget mnemonics, learn from real situations. Remembering is easy!

Scientifically backed method; natural exposure with short videos is the best way to gain REAL comprehension.

Learn how babies learn - by immersing in the language. No textbooks. No boring lectures. No grammar exercises.

Learn from native speakers! Understand how natives talk in real life situations. Learn over 5000 words from 500 videos, all real people talking naturally. 5000 words is enough to gain conversational fluency.

Umi makes it easy! Gain the skill and confidence to use another language in the real world. Improve your listening, reading, and vocabulary to fluency and have fun doing it!

Why Umi?

- Scientific: based on the "input hypothesis" from famous linguist Stephen Krashen, Umi brings the most effective method to your hands.
- It's Fun! Learn while watching fun, short clips, not teachers lecturing or doing boring workbook drills. Never lose motivation.
- Real Situations. Learn language you'll actually use by watching real native speaker videos.
- We make it easy. Videos are at your level. Look up any word you don't understand. Rewatch as many times as you need. Get context explanations.
- Remember Forever. With our flashcards, we make sure you never forget. Flashcards all come with video clips from where you learned the word.
- 0 to 5000: Umi takes you farther than any other app. Follow our path and hit your goals!

Start learning today with the revolutionary immersion method, and actually achieve fluency!
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