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Kids Tracker by Kidslox is created only for parents and their children for the purposes of child safety and parental control. Our team has been building parental control products for the last 5 years and now we are happy to release this new tool which gives parents and their children peace of mind by showing accurate, real-time location data of the kids whereabouts. Kids Tracker by Kidslox works only between parents and their children. It does not allow tracking unrelated devices and people. It works from an explicit parental consent to see the whereabouts of their children. Instant alerts let you know when kids leave or arrive at home, school or other easy to set up, geofence zones of the parent’s choice. This makes it easy to plan, coordinate and find your kids without hassle.

With Kids Tracker the parent can:

• See the current location of only of his children
• Set up private geofenced zones for a personalised experience
• Receive notification alerts when children arrive at or leave zones
• See their kids’ phone battery levels
• See their kids’ location history from the past week

Giving parents tools to ensure that your privately owned smartphones and tablets really serve your parental interests is the core aim of the Kidslox collection of apps. Kids Tracker fits perfectly into this philosophy, by putting the powerful GPS location tracking technology present in your parental and kids’ devices to practical use to help parents and their children coordinate plans and be confident that kids got safely where they were headed.

Setting up

To use Kids Tracker, parents should install the app on their own and their children’s devices, make a single parental account and log in. Once that’s done parents will be able to see current locations of their children on a map as well as phone battery levels and the details of the kids’ recent journeys.

Free 7 day trial period

Kids Tracker offers a 7 day free trial when you sign up. This allows parents to try out all of the app’s features and check that it’s the right solution for them. After that, they could use our basic version for free or get a monthly auto-renewing subscription for just $1.99 (or $9.99/6 months or $19.99/year).

To be able to show your kids’ positions on a map, Kids Tracker requires the use of the “Location” permission on Android phones. When a parent sets up the app on their child’s device we’ll show them how to do this.

• Find our terms and conditions here: https://kidslox.com/locator-privacy-policy/
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