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This app connects XBOOM Speakers via bluetooth.

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LG XBOOM descripción

This application allows you to listen to music from your mobile device via Bluetooth.

[Main functions]
- Audio connection to Bluetooth device
- Convert lighting effects
- Execute DJ Scratcher and DJ Effect (FLANGER / PHASER / WAH / DELAY / OFF) in DJ mode
- Add playlist of connected phone with multi-jukebox function
- Set Equalizer (STANDARD / BASS BLAST / POP / CLASSIC / ROCK / JAZZ / FOOTBALL, etc.) with sound effects function

* Some models may have different support features or may not support apps.

※ Guide to Access Permissions

[Optional Access Permissions]
- Storage: Permission required when viewing local audio files or creating new recording files
- Location
. Permission required when searching for speaker BLE signals
. Permissions required to download product instruction manuals
- Mic: Permission required when making recordings using a mic
- Camera: Permission required when using the Party Strobe feature

* You can use the app even if you do not agree to the optional access permissions.
* If you are using Android version below 6.0, you cannot allow optional permissions individually and in order to allow permissions selectively, we recommend updating to version 6.0 or higher after checking if the manufacturer of your device provides an upgrade for the operating system.
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