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Fusion of our previous applications

LiveTrail descripción

🚀 Experience a remarkable fusion as we bring together dedicated spaces for spectators and specially designed areas for participants, all within a single, unique application! 📱

Whether you're closely following the race from the comfort of your home 🏠 or on-site supporting the runners up close 🏞️, access all the essential race information right from your smartphone:

Favorite Runner Tracking 👟: Keep an eye on your favorite runners and easily track them in real-time.

Effortless Navigation 🗺️: Launch GPS navigation to checkpoints, ensuring you stay on track and don't miss any critical moments.

Live Action Runner Views 🎥: If a checkpoint has a LiveCam, (re)view your runner's passage on their profile.

Essential Information 📋: Discover event informations details thoughtfully provided by the organizers, including maps, schedules, parking, activities, and much more.

Integrated Web TV 📺: If the event features a Web TV, seamlessly access it within the application to experience the race as if you were right there, all without leaving the app.

For participants, LiveTrail supports you in achieving a successful experience, which you can share with your loved ones :

Technical Details 🔍: Access all technical race information (map, course profile, time limits, aid stations) to be thoroughly prepared

Push Your Limits💪: Formulate a pre-filled projected checkpoint schedule based on your ultimate goal, thoughtfully recommended through your UTMB index. Then, virtually trail this runner in real-time and give it your all!

Real-Time GPS Location Sharing 🛰️: Share your precise GPS location via the app for real-time tracking, providing reassurance to your dear ones.

Track and Challenge 🏃‍♀️: Stay connected with other participants in the same race. Follow them to stay informed or challenge yourself by catching up with them during the race or avoiding being overtaken.

Share Your Achievement 🌟: Share your race experience with friends and followers on social media.

The LiveTrail application offers a comprehensive and immersive experience, ensuring that every moment of your adventure remains unforgettable🎉
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