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Track your mood automatically without manual journals. Mindfully monitors your facial expressions and helps you to feel better. Learn about your emotions, understand your mood swings, discover what makes you happier.

Pandemic disease, lockdowns, protests, crime, divisive politics, social media overdose, an epidemic of loneliness: do you agree that being unhappy should not be the new normal? Our emotion recognition technology made a huge scientific leap throughout years and now we make it available for everyone to improve their wellbeing. Mindfully was created because everyone deserves to be happy.

馃尃 Who is Mindfully for?
Mindfully is for anyone who is interested in living a healthier life. The app opens a new era in wellbeing when feelings of sadness, loneliness, stress and worry are all at record highs. Mindfully uses path-breaking camera technologies to continuously measure your facial expressions and translates those into simple insights that help you to learn about your feelings. It's also for anyone who enjoys trying out new technologies that make our lives more convenient.

馃専 Will Mindfully make me happier?
Your overall wellbeing is dependent on many aspects of life: experts break wellbeing down into physical, emotional, mental & spiritual drivers. Mindfully aspires to become your mobile wellbeing assistant, but will not substitute social or physical activities which are essential to your wellness. Use Mindfully as a casual tool that is always switched on your device; be part of the emotional wellbeing journey that will bring trillions of smiles to our world. Mindfully is not a clinically validated mental health application: you should always consider how insights from the application may impact your wellbeing.

馃毃 How does Mindfully protect my data?
Mindfully never records images or videos, your identity remains completely unknown when using the app. No one will see you through the camera, no 'facial recognition' activity is carried out. The app only recognizes your facial landmarks and turns those into mathematical representations of your mood (zeros and ones). Enjoy full control over the technology: decide when you are comfortable with monitoring your emotions or pause the monitoring activity any time.

*Track your facial expressions using the front camera of your device.
*Detect basic positive & negative emotions like smiles, surprise or confusion.
*Track your emotions from the background while using other apps, leading to insights about which apps make you happy or unhappy.
*View your mood trends across days, weeks or months using the Mood Calendar.
*Enhance your YouTube watch history with emotions to see which content makes you happiest.

- Without front-facing camera permission, Mindfully does not work because your facial landmarks cannot be monitored.
- Without app data usage permission, Mindfully does not work because emotion insights cannot be generated on application level.
- Accessibility permission can be optionally provided to unlock YouTube insights. Mindfully uses the permission to understand which YouTube content you consumed while showing emotions. Accessibility services are not used for other purposes.

Your permissions can be simply revoked any time if you change your mind.

The solution origins from Realeyes, whose mission is to make technology more human. We support the development of Mindfully by sharing anonymous, aggregate attention trends with popular app partners and brands so they can make better products for users. The aggregated nature of the shared insights guarantees your privacy, while such partnerships also help to keep the application free forever.

We love hearing from users and getting their feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions how to improve the app, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Download Mindfully and improve your digital wellbeing. Increase focus. Decrease anxiety. Smile more!
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