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Free, anonymous & easy VPN that unblocks any content! Super fast! Ping booster!

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Moon VPN is powered by OPEN-VPN API . Open VPN is one of the fastest VPN protocols. It provides fast and secure connection.
Moon VPN is fast and lifetime.
Moon VPN connection speed is as fast as paid VPNs.
We always update and increase in number of our servers to provide you a good connection . We always monitor our servers speed and availability.
- Protects you against Pornography and Fishing content .
- It contains ads. But it does not contain annoying popup ads.
- No root needed.
- It does not need sign-in or creating account . You can connect by one tap to connect button just after you have installed application.
- Moon VPN is free. We believe the Internet is like the sun. No one can charge for sunlight.
- No speed reduce . We always have too many severs and we monitor our servers bandwidth. We always check how many users are connected to our servers. So you will not experience any speed reduce by connecting VPN.
- No settings is needed . You can connect fast and easy by just one button .
- Encrypted connection . No one can monitor your traffic. Your traffic will be unreachable to be monitored by your internet service provider. Because all of you traffic is transferred encrypted .
Fast support . If you leave comment in play store we will review and answer you less than 2 days .
- Supports 2G(E) , 3G(H) , 4G(LTE) , 5G and WIFI connection .
- The VPN connection is not terminated if you change your network connection type . For example if you switch from 4G to WIFI , VPN connection will not be terminated and you can keep enjoy VPN connection .
- Beautiful and simple design . We have designed the app regarding material design methods with space and moon theme. VPN Is easy to use and also it's beautiful.
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