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Are you brave enough ? This is the Halloween edition of the popular 'Dipole'.

Halloween Couple descripción

Metaphorical Description (Halloween Themed):

Protect the two entities which are bonded by electrostatic love (the bond is as strong as that of a "Dipole"), by showing hatred towards them to increase the gap between them so that they can dodge the scary obstacles in their relationship. Dance, hum and hold on to your seat (and phone, of course) in this gripping game of life, where having a feather touch or not can be a matter of life and death.

%Forty Stages

The idiom "Practice makes a man perfect" is truly applicable in the Halloween Couple game. Prepare yourself for the 'Endless' task by making yourself in sync with the melodious game-play. Develop a feather touch while you discover awesome music along the way while unlocking the stages in this Halloween themed game.

%Endless level

Imbibe the fear around you and discover your courage to attain the goal of life - To survive as long as possible. Enjoy the randomness of your life by letting yourself lost in the pleasant music (new music after every set of five stages) while you solve your problems in this never ending journey in 'Halloween Couple' - a Halloween edition of Dipole .

%Mesmerizing music

We are presenting you with some of the best open-source music available out there. So be ready to perish yourself in a state of trance which will be you only solace from the spookiness of this Halloween special. .


Address your concerns regarding the "Halloween Couple" game like bugs, difficulties faced to [email protected] . Your suggestions on how to improve the game are always welcome.
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