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USA - World Newspapers descripción

The Application, “Page Direction”, is a websites container that redirect popular world websites. It is user friendly and main purpose is easily reach popular websites

It supports USA (United States of America), UK (United Kingdom), Turkey, Germany and France. It have many categories.

Page Direction’s main functionality:
- Small app size
- Read mode support
- Text to speech support
- Font adjustment
- Many categories
- Most popular websites
- Two languages Support (English, Turkish)
- Five countries support (USA, UK, Turkey, Germany and France)
- User Data

Some of the categories are:

1 - National Newspapers:
Newspapers and news websites

2- Sport News:
Sports, football, basketball, weightlifting, handball, jockey, chess, volleyball, swimming, NBA websites

3- Regional Newspapers:
Regionally city news websites

4- Finance News:
Finance, stock exchange, gold, currency, money, trade, economy websites

5- Informatics:
Technology, computer science, phone, android, ios websites

6- Journal:
Magazine, science, motherhood, education, society, family websites

7- Automobile:
Cars websites

8- Cinema Review:
Film, movies websites

9- Book Review:
Book websites

10- Recipe:
Cooking, recipes websites
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