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Puffin Cloud Store - App Store to install Puffin Cloud Apps

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Puffin is free to download from the Google Play Store but requires a paid subscription to work. Puffin also offers a free evaluation for users to try out before subscribing to its service. This free evaluation is ad-sponsored and limited to one hour of usage per day. Only during the free evaluation period will ads be served and quotas enforced.

Puffin Cloud Store is an App Store for users to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Apps. A Cloud App is a Web App running on the Cloud Servers.

Lightweight: Less than 1KB to download and install instantly.
Wicked Fast: A budget phone can feel as fast as a flagship phone.
Data Saving: Saves on average 75% of mobile data for non-video and non-game content.

Puffin Cloud App is a game changer to bridge the digital divide and connect the next billion users.

DISCLAIMER: A cloud app is NOT a native app, but a web browser shortcut to a website link pinned to the home screen. A cloud app has similar traits to a web app, but are not the same.

===== In-App Purchases =====
* $1 per month for Puffin Monthly Subscription
* $10 per year for Puffin Yearly Subscription

==== Limitations ====
• Puffin’s servers are located in the US and Singapore. Geolocation restrictions of content may occur if you are based in other countries.
• Puffin is blocked in certain regions (e.g., China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and some educational institutions (e.g., select schools within the United States).

For more information, please visit https://support.puffin.com/.
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