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Audio & Video Calls / Chat
Take Control of your Communication!

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Jami (a GNU package) is a universal and distributed communication platform which respects the freedoms and privacy of users.
It is 100% Free software. Available on all platforms.

★ Communicate freely with Jami:
- send text messages
- make audio calls
- make video calls
- share pictures and files

★ Reach your peers directly in peer to peer !

★ Use your Jami account on multiple devices !

★ Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, GNU/Linux, Android and Android TV !

★ SIP account support available !

★ Next additions: audio/video call recording (Android), group chat...

Build with Jami on your IoT project: re-use the universal communications technology of Jami with its portable library on your system of choice.

Jami for Android TV is tested on NVIDIA SHIELD TV with Logitech cameras.

There are plenty of ways to help us, check out: https://jami.net/contribute ,
Contact us on Twitter: @jami_social , or Mastodon: @Jami

For more information, visit https://jami.net

Jami is published under the GPL license, version 3 or higher.
Copyright © Savoir-faire Linux
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