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screenKarma - Home Screen Rewards descripción

+ ScreenKarma requires an appKarma account
+ All reward points are added and combined with your appkarma rewards.
+ Rewards are issued ONCE per day. You will receive a notification when points are added.

ScreenKarma is a complimentary app to appkarma that lets you earn rewards (cash / gift cards) by using your lock screen to show news and promotional items. Simply install screenKarma, and use your phone as you normally would and you'll start earning rewards (Karma Points).

To Use:
- Slide Right to unlock phone
- Slide Left to view news details
- Slide Up to view more news content

All the points you earn on screenKarma will be added to your appKarma account (issued once per day). You will be able to redeem your points for PayPal and various top branded gift cards on both screenKarma and appKarma.

You will earn additional Achievement badges (50 ~ 500 points) the more you use screenKarma.

Disclaimer: ScreenKarma does not provide a security locker feature that lets you lock your phone. It merely uses your lock screen to display content.
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