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Are you tired of using the same old cluttered and out-of-date diet planner apps (and having to pay subscriptions for simple services)?
Me too. That’s why I built Simple Macros: for those of us who want all the convenience of a modern diet tracker with a comprehensive food database.
No Ads. No Paywalls. No Subscriptions for anything that should be a basic given in today’s world of advanced technology. Download and see for yourself.

Key Features:
- Track Macronutrients, Calories and even Micronutrients in your diet journal visually.
- Planning mode lets you plan ahead of time so that you can execute your diet plan on the go.
- Powered By FatSecret, so you know that you are getting one of the most up to date food databases around!
- Features such as barcode scanning and multi-add capability make for maximum simplicity and efficiency; Less Thinking and more Doing!
- Track your weight and other body measurements and compare directly against your diet habits!
- Customize your home page with unique widgets for each individual; Because not every individual's diet tracking habits are the same.

Subscription free, simple user experience and advanced capabilities, a new macro tracker for a new age of technology.


Think Less, Do More!
We all know how tedious calorie counting can become. Now, you can use this simple and easy to use calorie counter app to update your diet log. Instead of adding different entries for different items you took in breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can simply make multiple entries simultaneously in the diet journal. Keep a record of your diet and nutrients with this all-in-one nutrient tracker and weight diary app.

Great Food Diary for All Fitness Lovers
Our complete weight loss tracker and diet tracking solution is a perfect pick for all type of fitness enthusiasts. Are you a minimalist? A maximalist? Either way this weight diary app is made for you, the individual. And that's really what matters most in dieting, because your best dieting experience is tailored to you. We offer different diet planner categories so you can easily update your diet log.

Scan and search foods powered by Fat Secret!
Skip the manual hassle of figuring out the calories and entering the macros in the calorie counter. Everything you expect in a modern diet tracking app is available in this Simple Macros - Macro Calculator & Diet Tracker. From Multi Addition of different diet planner entries and hassle-free Weight Tracking to Detailed graphs scanning/searching function and multiple categories, this app has got it all for you.

Customize Your Experience With Widgets
Finally, ultimate customization: the widget system allows you to configure your home page and toolbar just the way you like it. Choose from different widget layouts and make it easier to keep an eye on your progress.

Features of Simple Macros - Macro Calculator & Diet Tracker
- Simple and easy to use diet journal app UI/UX
- Smooth controls and clutter-free calorie counter entries
- Easy to maintain diet log for flexible diet plans and programs
- Multiple food diary categories to track your progress
- Accurate weight loss tracker and nutrient tracker app for all users
- Maintain your weight diary or diet journal through multi-entry options
- Customize your experience by choosing different device widgets
- Scan and search foods and the calories for automatic addition in the log
- Track progress through graphs, reports and more

All features in this app do not require a subscription, so what are you waiting for? Try it now! Download and use Simple Macros - Macro Calculator & Diet Tracker today!
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