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Moving freely in the city

VanO descripción

VanO's mission is to improve daily mobility for everyone

Our on-demand transportation service makes it easy to get around your city on a daily basis.
For example for:

* Commuting to and from the train station or inside the town, to study or work, even on weekends or late at night.
* Shopping with big bags everywhere around the city.
* To get to the gym, to the soccer or rugby field, to the tennis courts, ...
* To travel back or forth from a movie, a show or a restaurant, even in the evening or on weekends.
* No more need to drop off or pick up your children or teenagers at their activities. (No more embarrassment of having to ask your relatives every time you need or want to move around town!)
* For a medical appointment
* To go to the hairdresser, to the pool or to meet up with friends

You can go anywhere in town whenever you want for 2 Euros maximum.

Leisure, work, study, appointments, hanging out:

It's up to you to invent how you will use this new freedom of movement.

The service is available seven days a week over a wide range of hours, based on the train schedules at your station.

How does it work? It's very simple:

You download the application

You create an account,

Then, you just have to indicate your departure and arrival addresses, and your VanO will pick you up less than 2 minutes from where you are.

If you want to organize your schedule, you can even order your VanO up to one week in advance.

Payment is made by credit card or SEPA direct debit.

The price of a ticket for one trip is 2 Euros and you can buy bundles of tickets at a decreasing price.

For more information, please visit Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VanO.mobi/) Instagram (https://instagram.com/vano.mobi) Twitter (https://twitter.com/vanomobi) and our FAQ page: https://vano.mobi/faq or write to us at [email protected]
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