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Allows one to see the public profile of a startup without registering on VenCat.

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In a market where more than 90% of new companies fail, Angels are rightly nervous to commit funds. Angels and VCs face a huge challenge picking winners because of the sheer number of Startups, incomplete or inconsistent information, absence of market transparency, etc. Countless man years are spent on travel, meetings, conferences, discussions and due diligence. Cash is spent on flights, hotels, conferences, meals, etc., - and subsequently 95%+ applicants are discarded.

This is a highly inefficient process both for the Angel and the Startup

With VenCat any potential investor, whether VC or Angel, can run easy searches on the pool of Startups. They can save different searches (per sector, country, technology etc), and receive updates on companies they follow. They can study, in advance, relevant information prior to any discussions. The process is clear and transparent

With VenCat on-line searchable and standardized information makes investing easier
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