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How to improve your English?
Wannalisn is a free app to learn English that helps you train your listening and pronunciation skills with listening activities and mini video clips from popular movies, series and songs.
If you feel in the babbel tower when listening, reading, writing, or speaking different languages and need the Rosetta Stone or ask your friend Elsa to understand them, use Wannalisn to learn other languages like English or Spanish by listening to real conversations with your favorite movies, series or songs (ABBA, Queen, The Beatles, Enrique Iglesias, ABA). Now speaking, listening or understanding a new language will be a piece of cake.

Wannalisn is also the best English learning app to learn the most used English words, idioms and proverbs. Become an effective listener!
Our entertaining learning method will allow you to understand the fast natural English of native speakers and learn how to speak English fluently.
With Wannalisn you can now learn real English online and understand British and American accents from a wide range of real life contexts including business English.

How to speak English well and fast
Wannalisn's approach helps you to learn English fast, and is based on the ‘edutainment’ concept coined by Walt Disney.
The combination of education and entertainment go hand in hand to make your learning experience painless and, at the same time, mentally challenging. With Wannalisn you will learn English quickly and effortlessly!

How can I improve my listening skills in English?
Wannalisn focuses on the 50 most used words in English that make up 50% of spoken English. These word combinations tend to be pronounced very quickly by native English speakers and are very difficult to decode. With the listening lessons and exercises in this incredible app you can improve your listening skills and immerse yourself in the world of clusters.

Learn English through movies
Do you still watch movies with subtitles? With Wannalisn you won’t need them anymore because real life doesn’t have subtitles. Learn to speak natural English by learning the most common phrases and expressions while enjoying a 100% audiovisual experience.
Create emotional connections with favorite scenes and actors.
Hear how things are said in the real world and learn all the tips to learn effective English communication and listening skills.
Learn English by listening and you’ll never forget the most common English words and expressions used in daily life. Wannalisn is easy, fun, simple and fast.

Learn English now for free with our great new app.
Website: www.wannalisn.com
Contact: [email protected]
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