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Runiac is a beginner-friendly walk and run tracker that combines personalized weight-loss & fitness plans. Want to start running for weight loss, tone your body, and get in shape? Runiac's algorithm mixes fitness running, walking, & jogging exercises to help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster!

The Runiac app is a great choice for anyone who wants to try weight-loss running and improve their health.

With Runiac you will get:
• A personal 30-day challenge with an everyday training program focused on weight control, figure sculpting, stamina improvement, & body health
• Fat burning workouts: a step by step video guide and timer for each section
• Detailed statistics on calories burned, distance walked, time, pace, and total number of steps
• Setting goals and tracking your progress - daily, weekly, & monthly
• Jogging exercises and fitness running plans
• Run walk intervals feature

Track running distances, active time, calories burned, & run speed - stay active and healthy with the activity tracker by Runiac. This app was designed by a professional running coach and you can use it for both outdoor running and indoor treadmill workouts. This makes the running app super helpful for burning fat & losing weight.

Choose your main goal and get started:
• walking and running to lose weight & burn calories
• HIIT running to improve heart function
• actively spending time outdoors & keeping your body toned

Begin with walking for weight loss before moving on to fitness running for weight loss, follow a guided couch to 5k plan, or become a 10k runner - it’s up to you! Also use the run and walk tracker to monitor your progress and increase the exercise difficulty when you are ready.

Trying to lose weight and slim down? Try the run walk intervals feature to achieve your fitness goals. Warm up before walking, follow the interval running training schedule, and use the weight-loss calories burned tracker for effective results.

This app creates a personalized running plan for you for each day. If you can’t go outside, simply use the running app while you go for a run on the treadmill.

With Runiac, you don't need to use a running route planner & running distance tracker (mile tracker) separately - all the features are built into the running app. Additional features like the jogging tracker and walk/calorie tracker are also available. Try running for weight loss workouts as well as walking for weight loss exercises!

Subscription Info
The Runiac walk and run tracker is an easy-to-follow fitness plan that will help you see results quickly. If running for weight loss is too difficult to start with, weight-loss walking might be a great choice. Runiac provides you with great opportunities to burn calories, lose belly fat, & stay fit!

You can download the weight-loss running training app with no money required. To use the walking and running tracker and get access to all the features, you will need to buy a subscription. Choose your fitness goals, walk and run to lose weight, burn calories, & get in shape with the Runiac running tracker.

Start fitness running and losing weight with Runiac!

Don't hesitate to send feedback or suggestions to [email protected]

For more information:
Privacy Policy: http://weight-loss-running.com/privacy-policy.html
Terms of Use: http://weight-loss-running.com/terms-of-use.html

Running for weight loss is easy! Take the first step to your dream body with the walk and run tracker by Runiac.
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