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Spend more time exploring Australia/New Zealand and less time stressing with the new WICKED CAMPERS App.
The app uses GPS to show your location on a map, then has a huge database locations such as toilets, hostels, free wifi, petrol stations, supermarkets-the list goes on.
Got the munchies and need to find the nearest supermarket? Need to find the nearest wifi so you can update ya FB status? Find a campground? The Wicked Campers App is gonna help you out! The app even displays real-time road alerts, so if you're planning a roady you can make sure the roads are open. There's also a bunch of interesting tips to show you what's fun in the area. All this in the palm of your hands and best of all, its for free!
We are part of a collaborative project called GeoZone which aims to make it easier to travel responsibly by sharing facility locations, so if you find something not on the app, or if you find a location that's no longer there, you can submit it through the app and contribute to this awesome project.
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