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XO HACKS - Efficient Management, Concise and Fluent

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We officially launched the new version today, exclusive launch of cheater, mobile artifact. Further optimize improve the efficiency, it can effectively improve the happiness in the life.

The progress cannot be separated from your feedback! More accurate external memory paths, which may cause duplicate file cheater bugs when repairing some scans. Fix cheater problems that cannot be displayed. Fix the problem that some sorting cannot be sorted according to the first letter. Simple speed, no memory, easy control of the application in the phone!

We help you recover space;
Native application management, one-stop management, allows you to restore fresh;
File management, rapid scanning of local cheater that are no longer needed.

Includes the following features:
- Manage space efficiently.
- This is a powerful and effective app. This is a must-have tool that can free up space and accelerate your device.
- Make your phone lighter.
- Can help you release a lot of memory, thus saving more cheater power.
- View usage list.
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